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Dying Last Words of a Transgender Eradication Nation

Beauty Girl
2 min readMar 25

The Genocide Eradication of an entire culture, or group of people is also Genocide.

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So as of right now I am not actually dying and am still alive and well, the stigma of this situation though could very much change in the very near future as the world itself is changing and so is the safety of my life and other Transgender people.

With all of these crazy anti-transgender laws passing through the states it is and already has caused mass trauma and problems for Trans Gender members, our children, and more. It is a scary time with the amount of fear that is being cast at transgender people, and the state of panic that all of us are experiencing—everything from losing our medication for Hormone Replace Therapy to removing our rights as parents, to removing all gender-affirming surgery care for children and adults. — However, with less than 150 surgery cases have ever been performed on children for gender affirmation surgery.

Now it has greatly moved beyond child protection claims and become the scary movement of the — “Nazi path of Eradication of all Transgendism” — including drag Queens too on adults. So we are steps away from having all transgender members locked up in a concentration camp awaiting the gas chamber. From removing our human right to medical treatment, de-transitioning requirements, not allowing us in public spaces, removing our HRT medical needs approved by so many medical doctors and organizations., taking our children away, and then calling for the entire Eradication of Transgender people is very scary.

I mean if calling for the annihilation of the entire group of people is not Nazi/Hitler behavior I don’t know what else is. So I am not going to go down the long road of what to do or how to deal with it anymore, I am just going to say my early goodbye, because I would give up my life before I would ever go back to being anything else other than a beautiful female. I don’t want to die, I want to live, and I want to be here for as long as possible, but it may not be my choice soon and I don’t know what else to do except flee the country and it looks like it getting really close to that set as a final way to save my life.

The government's national movement is already in a movement to make it illegal for me to even exist. So there is a high chance I will not be here much longer if something isn’t done to stop these horrific laws of genocide.

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